All You Need is Love

heartsBad customer care is one thing that can really annoy me. I’m sure all of us have come across it – and most of the time there is no need.

It switches people off, it can be, for the customer incredibly frustrating. And don’t you just love those people that speak from a script – whether you have a problem, or whether they are selling you something. All you want to do is have an intelligent conversation and have an answer or solution to your question. And it is a two way street.

Good customer care means people will be loyal. Being polite and helpful makes a difference. You will be remembered. People will tell their friends and family and in general chat how helpful you have been. Word of mouth recommendations can be so important to any business.

I’ve always had a rule when dealing with customers or clients. Don’t say no. Offer advice and direction. Even if you can’t provide a particular service – just being helpful and communicative can make all the difference, and at times make someone’s day when they are are having a bad one.

And even if you are complaining – a two way discussion in a fair and polite manner, no matter how annoyed you are, can make all the difference. A corporate complaints department will get grief all the time. Being nice about your grievances can make all the difference. And say thank you. Just two little words.

Myself and a group of people have been in conversation with a major communications firm for some time. If you communicate on a two way level there can be benefits for both sides, improving the firm’s service, engaging with making improvements and gaining benefits for helping them. All good stuff.

You can moan, shout and stamp your feet. But the best way of getting things done is to talk. Communicate.

All you need is love. Da da da da daaaaa……