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New Model Army on the march with new album ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ and UK Tour

NMA_Between_Dog_And_WolfThe Cromwellian Army is once again on the march. Never to be put down New Model Army have a brand new album out ‘Between Dog and Wolf’.  Self-produced and finished earlier in the year in Los Angeles with Joe Barresi mixing (Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool), this album is filled with multi-layered tracks and atmosphere but looses none of Model Army’s passion. It is also the first to feature 26-year-old new bass player and multi instrumentalist Ceri Monger. A full-length film documentary on the history of the band is being finished to coincide with its release.

Formed way back in 1645  [er no sorry that’s the actual New Model Army] 1980 in Bradford, Yorkshire they released their first album in ‘Vengeance’ in ‘84.  Led by Justin Sullivan, NMA have attracted a loyal following over the years, and as a band, have always been overtly political, never fearful of being confrontational. Single ‘ No Rest’ made the top 40 in ’85; the band appeared on Top of the Pops wearing T’s with the statement ‘Only Stupid Bastards Take Heroin’. 1989 album ‘Thunder and Consolation’ was their landmark album and their most commercial – reaching the Top 20 in UK charts.

NMA have never chosen the easy route, sticking to their guns and principals throughout.  The journey has never been easy for the band throughout their history either. Lineup changes, personal tragedies are all part of the band’s history. Even since the late noughties, difficulties have caused them angst. The loss of their manager, Tommy Tee suddenly in 2008, with the band since they started out, was a major shock. In 2011, long time member Nelson left the band amicably after 22 years – days after his final gig, fire destroyed NMA’s studio, equipment and archive material – though they managed to save some touring equipment. Within 3 months they were back up and running, with new bassist Ceri Monger in the fold. After his first gig, the NMA’s van got robbed, most of the guitars and other items were stolen. Kit was borrowed from family and friends and they got through the festival season.

Nothing but resilient, NMA flatly refuse to go away. New album ‘Between Dog and Wolf” remains entirely true to their political souls, starting of with the thumping and brooding ‘Horsemen’ and ending in the same vein with ‘Ghosts’. The album brings NMA back to their best – multi-layered but retaining that simple NMA trademark signature, there’s anger, rhetoric, beautiful with an undercurrent of sinister atmosphere, observational yet in your face, with the band’s passion and tubthumping beats. ‘Did You Make it Safe?’ and ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ both have infectious chants and rising crescendos.  ‘Stormclouds’ with its guitar riffs rises – “bring it on” indeed – live these tracks will continue NMA in the powerful vein The Family know. Another landmark for NMA.

If you liked ‘Vagabonds’ and the ‘Green and Grey’ you’ll love this. If you like the Levellers, and somehow you missed out on New Model Army (who led the way) – you really need to take a peep of one hell of a treat. They’re at The Robin II in Bilston on 17 November 2013; tickets £20 in advance.

Extensive tour of Europe beckons from October – check out UK dates in November and December 2013 – for full listings visit their website: newmodelarmy.org