Monthly Archive: January 2011

Mick Karn RIP

Sad news from a couple of days ago, the news that Mick Karn had passed away. While the media were commenting on Gerry Rafferty (and Baker Street is indeed a classic), they overlooked the news on Karn.

Japan were truly seminal for their time, the peers which most new romantics ended up commenting on or being influenced by. Their first gigs were in ’74, when Karn was just 15. Listen to “Exorcising Ghosts” a greatest hits compilation released in 1984 to see why. I never saw them live, they split before I started going to gigs, and although they “reformed” in a manner, they never really reached their previous class. Karn went onto do so much more, including Dali’s Car with Pete Murphy.

As I type this I’m listening to “Methods of Dance”. Class. Sad loss of talent that maybe was never truly appreciated….