Monthly Archive: August 2011

The Hummingbird re-emerges from the flames – Welcome (back) to The Birmingham Ballroom

This was written way back in August 2011. We were so excited with the potential of what could be. The Birmingham Ballroom tried its hardest – but didn’t last. It be closed within 18 months of emerging. So much for a great venue…… (November 2013)


Oh I’m a little excited. News of a ‘new venue’ in Brum! The former Top Rank (well before my time), former Hummingbird (spent many hours there), formerAcademy (and in there) in Dale End is being reborn as The Birmingham Ballroom.

One of the best venues Birmingham had ever seen, for so many reasons, with it’s surrounding viewing balcony and somewhat ‘used’ feel, it was rendered vacant as The Academy moved to the former Dome due to a multimillion pound development that was due to wipe out and rebuild that area of Birmingham.

It many have been a tad smelly (or smokey) at times, but it was a venue that had space (even when sold out), had great sound (wherever you stood) and the ability to see (again, from whether you stood). You never felt like a sardine or a commodity even in the most packed of gigs. That lived in, stick to the tacky floor feeling, gave it that comfortable old slippers feeling. In a great location. And I have so many memories of gigs there, I can’t count them all.

Did remember this night. Velvet Revolver. It was packed. Sold out. Great gig, even though there was questions that it would go ahead. Weiland walked away just two days later. You wouldn’t have known.  And as we emerged, the sign was lit up, and a took this snap.


Well the money fell through for that inner city development and the guys who refurbed the HMV Institute to its current glory are currently busy refitting and recreating this classic venue. We will once again have three venues on one site –Birmingham Ballroom, The Other Room and The End.

We are soooooo liking the fact it’s going to be a non-corporate venue.
We are liking the commitment to  sensible bar prices and booking fees.
All with a remit to bring back fun in the live music scene.

We await with eager anticipation just what the future will hold.