Are Gig tickets getting cheaper?

I’ve had a minor rant in a previous post about the cost of tickets to see bands.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut I’ve recently seen a few bands and tickets appear to be costing less for your average gig. Where a gig at the Academy would have set you back, on average,  £28-£35 a few months ago (less booking fee and all the other little hidden extras) – there appears to be a cut in the prices…..

Now maybe some are “loss leaders”. Tinie Tempah recently played the Academy. Although sold out, and online reseller were selling them at a lot more, face price on tickets was £16.50. For two supports and a DJ set as well as  the main man. A great gig, and pure value for your pound. The new and shiny kiwis, The Naked and Famous tickets sold at £7.00 (less than a round of drinks).

I’m reviewing some more gigs for Brum Live and Fused – Ticket prices for these mid range venues range from £12 – £29, with the average being £22. So looks like the cost of tickets are clearly dropping.

Is that to do with an assessment of what punters will pay, spesh given that money is tight? Or the fact that there’s a new kid in town – The HMV Institute?

But by all accounts – if live gigs are becoming cheaper  – that can only be a good thing to keep the punters involved and enjoying the experience, whether you be an established or new and spangly band. Keep Music Live!