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Opinions, opinions, opinions……

mymug“Everybody is entitled to my opinion” – although you may not agree…

In a former job, I had a mug, in which I was fed coffee every morning. On it said “Everybody is entitled to my opinion.” It used to make many people laugh, because I’m outspoken, I’d offer my opinion -but that didn’t mean to say everyone had to agree.

All I did was offer the best from what I saw, and from my life experience. I’m also big enough to take into consideration others views and perspectives and take them on board, and know that you too have your own opinion. And you may not agree with mine. And that’s absolutely fine.

As you can see from my blog I regularly review gigs. I would love to say everyone I go to is fantastic, I had a whale of a time, you must all rush out and see them. Reviewing gigs gives me the opportunity to see lots of very different acts, in different venues and live the experience. I also get to see acts that may not be my first choice in music taste, those of us that love seeing live music will have genres or acts we’re fans of, other acts are an opportunity to experience something new or different.

When I review a gig I take into consideration a wide variety of things – did they perform well, did they engage with the crowd, what was the crowd reaction, what’s the venue like, what little events happened, and given the face value of the ticket, would I recommend to ‘a friend’ what can be a lot of money, going to see them. The audience response is important to me, the particular act may not be my scene, but if the crowd are blown away, I will say so.

I’ve been going to live music for more years than I can count, seen hundreds of bands crossing across pretty much every genre, for most of that as a paying punter. Your average ticket price is around £25 -£30 for a mid- range venue, so for two tickets that’s £50-£60 plus booking fee, plus all the other costs – many gigs these days are not the cheapest night out – so I know as a punter, you become more selective who you see.

So for those that were there at any gig I review, I hopefully want to give a feel of the night, and those little things that make you smile. For those who weren’t there, what you missed,  to give a feel for if it’s worth you taking the effort when they come round again. Or for those looking for something new, whether it’s worth taking a punt.

I don’t get paid for writing reviews, however, I do get access to gigs. When I’m putting a review together I do try and check I’ve got information as correct as possible in any review. Sometimes errors sneak through, and if I’ve got something wrong, sorry about that. There will always be someone who knows more that I about a particular band.

But it’s something I really enjoy doing. I love the experience and hooking up with new people and the talented photographers who turn up to the gig to take the pictures you look at.  I really enjoy the ability of seeing something new. Few people have the courage to put their views down for others to read, even though they have an opinion. As I’ve said I would love to say every gig I have been to has been fantastic. The best thing since sliced bread. Whether it be my favouritist band in the world, or one I’ve experienced for the first time. But sometimes, that’s just not the case, for a variety of reasons. And I will express that view, yet try and be balanced.  It is, at the end of the day, my opinion. You may disagree. And that’s absolutely fine…..